Freelancer Work 2014

TV spots, motion graphic designer, compositing vfx (Th1ng)
Infographics, motions graphics, animations (Nestle, Canal Plus, Inneva Pharma, Publicus Media)
Opening tittles (MEA 3 Festival)

Work at Q&A Comunicación 2012-2014

All the commercial TV spots, editing and some motion stuffs (Nintendo)
Presentations (Migueláñez, Loterías)
Online banners (Zitro, Quinielas, Alsa, Nintendo)

Work at Nintendo 2008-2012

Cocina conmigo (video, text and pictures), La nintendo DS desfila en Cibeles (video, text), Rhythm Paradise (video), Wii Fit Plus (text and pixtures), Nyxquest (videos), Wii Sport Resort (video and pictures), Wii Fit (video, text and pictures),Super Smash Bros Brawl (video, text and pictures), Mario Kart Wii (video, text and pictures), Guitar Hero III (video, text and pictures), Fotografías de producto (text and pictures), Sonic Chronicles (video)

Videos for Nintendo Channel, stores, point of sale and for internal use

Ds guides (content, and banners in the top 2008-2011)
Website for techincal support 2009-2010, flash banners, design of manuals and interactive presentations

Here are some Examples: