I am a Motion designer. I love Art direction and the weirder side of things.
I feel inspired by abstract shapes and experimental processes.
In my spare time, I love to research philosophy and technology or
just enjoying myself outdoors with long walks in nature. 
I like to be clear in my methods and thought processes, the how and why of a specific approach.
I love to be involved at the beginning of projects, preparing mood boards, style frames,
and many other assets to help clients pinpoint what they want.  
My perfect project is one that can bring a meaningful impact or just establish a new challenge for my skills. I love problem-solving!
If you want to know more, drop me a line and say hello.




Character Animation 2018 (School of Motion)
Art direction (Design principles applied in MOGRAPH) 2017 (School of Motion)
Animation Bootcamp (Animation principles applied in MOGRAPH) 2016 (School of Motion)
Master degree. Postproduction (Nuke) and motion graphics (AE / C4D) 2012 (Cice, Escuela de nuevas tecnologías)

Master degree. Spanish Language and Literature
First degree. Audiovisual Communication (Universidad Pontificia, Salamanca)

…plus many other courses in different techniques, always related to design, drawing or animation.


CV. Spanish.

CV. English.

Credit List


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